What are nootropics and how do nootropics work?

The nootropic definition arised in 1972 when Corneliu Giurgea named a new type of molecule which affects brains’ higher level capacities. The word origins in Greek and is translated ˝to bend or shape the mind˝. He also added five criteria that must be met to decide what is a nootropic and narrowed its definition. Today the term is used much wider. It indicates any natural or artificial substance which regulates brain functions.

In main we separate three categories of nootropics: dietary nootropic supplements, synthetic compounds and prescription drugs.

Prescription nootropic drugs of course provide greater stimulant effect but are intended for people with brain deficits (ADHD, narcolepsy patients). There isn’t enough research to tell if they are appropriate for healthy individuals too. In the worst case scenario they could indeed trigger side effects that could harm your brain in the long term. That’s just the information we are not certain about so it’s better to stick with natural ones and consume them in safety amounts.

In the group of synthetic compounds we find substances that act on glutamate and acetylcholine and consequently boost memory of people with brain injuries or people with age related cognitive declines (Alzheimer disease patients). The last group are natural compounds which you can get over-the-counter. That’s the reason why they are the most spread. In Playerz our smart brain supplement we use only natural ingredients so below we will talk about this type of pure nootropics.

How nootropics affect your body?

Their main purpose is to improve cognitive performance by which we mean; executive functions, memory capacity, decision making, creativity, motivation and concentration. Specific components namely target your brain to reach a sharper mind, greater mental clarity and stronger focus. Those abilities you need while working, studying, exercising or gaming. And with the best nootropics on your side you can get things done much better and easier.

Scientifically proven mental benefits nootropic offers you, are:

better memory recall, reinforced working memory, more relaxed feeling, improvement of your overall mood, feeling of stronger inner motivation (by release of serotonin which helps you with focus), boost of your creativity, improved attention span and finally easier learning since they improve information processing, retention and storage.

As expected still maybe not so well known, in professions like piloting and medicine where a person needs maintained attention and quick reactions, stimulants created for people with ADHD are spread for a long time. Mainly because they impact dopamine levels, which is a neurotransmitter associated with regulation of attention span, alertness and energy levels. Besides that they also regulate serotonin and GABA levels which have an effect on feeling of well-being.

In other words they stimulate neurons and also enzymes. They can increase serotonin levels which causes induction of relaxed, worry-free state whereas they can also decrease neurotransmitters like cortisol which is harmful to your brain and associated with stress. Some even believe that improved skills could be the result of placebo effect since stimulants enhance mood that can cause overestimated rating of persons own abilities.

Besides that they keep your brain more oxygenated by expanding small blood vessels in the brain and provide them with needed nutrients. Creatine for example helps to increase chemicals like ATP in your brain cells. ATP is the main energy source for the brain and is created when amino acids and glucose decompose. More ATP can help your cognition in the area of critical thinking and short term memory.

Positive effect is seen not only in cognition but also in the adaptive stress response. Some ingredients are able to impact inflammation and reduce health conditions which are caused by inflammations that damage the cells. Looking on the long term some experienced slowing down the process of age related cognitive decline or even improvement of cognitive functions. This means they also have neuroprotective effects.

As an example, amino acid l-theanine can inhibit glutamate release whose high dosages can create feelings of stress and discomfort. And when talking about improving your skills that means nootropics encourage neuro-plasticity. The process of new neurons growth which results in new skills or better performance of existing ones by strengthening the connections between neurons.

The interesting effect is regulation of brain waves which can have different frequencies where each one means a certain mental state. When inducing theta brain waves your are more prone to the creative process.

During physical exercise nootropics act on lowering your fatigue and help you to workout longer and stronger. They even lower cortisol levels which are the result of intense exercise. Cortisol is a hormone which decreases muscle mass so you want to keep it low if you want to gain some muscles.

And how they work? Even if caffeine is one of the most spread nootropics note that is also a stimulant. The latter give you an energy rush but at the end you experience energy drop. Besides that it interferes with your heart rate while nootropics don’t. They only give you a quick energy kick while above all you benefit from them more prolonged since you wont need to take another one until you finish your activity. So boosted brain activity and healthier brain? What are you waiting for? Click the link below and give a try to Playerz.

How safe is consuming smart drugs?

focus supplements nootropics

Since we are using only natural compounds in our product Playerz we will talk about natural nootropics safety. As for any other substance that impacts our body you must ask yourself ˝are nootropics safe˝ especially to use for a long term. Those with special health conditions and those who are taking any kind of medicine consult with your doctor before taking the substance to avoid unnecessary risks.

Even if today we make it sound like those are some new special ingredients that give you superpowers in reality the substances we are talking about were used way back in history. Natural compounds may be found in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing. This could convince you about their safety. How can something that comes from nature be harmful? Except if you overdue it.

Among all, a great example is the most spread nootropic; caffeine. If you are wondering if focus supplements really work, think about how you feel before you have your morning cup of the and whats the after effect. And what about safe amounts? Well it depends. In caffeine particularly, our genes determine if we quickly or slowly metabolize it. Fast metabolizers can have several coffee mugs per day (note too much coffee can harm your heart), while those with slow metabolism must stop at noon if they want to sleep at night.

Be aware that our body works at best when it is in balance. That also applies to a higher amount of certain molecules which we try to raise to achieve better performance. So use Players smart within recommended amounts since it is a smart drug. When combining different ingredients which is totally safe with natural pure supplements it is better to use a pre-formulated mixture to avoid looking for the right combination and dosage.


No matter how much nootropics you take, healthy rich food will always be the core for your health. And note that when you are in the middle of the game and you are winning but suddenly feel that you have to try harder to become focused then is the time to take our pill. Taking gaming supplements will also ensure you stay hydrated which is very important for your health since your body is mainly from water. And be sincere, during long hours of play you don’t drink enough because you completely forgot it. So thanks Players also for that.

As we saw, findings in genetics can help determine the individual which and how much of a single nootropic is safe for someone. So listen to your body which will respond to energy rush when you try our Playerz and become the best in your game!

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